Aloha Sunday – Perpetually Blooming – Forgiveness Release Notes

Notes from the Aloha Sunday talk on July 16, 2017 by Malayna Dawn


If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a reconciliation practice. The word translates to “correction” and traditionally it would be guided by a healer, a shaman, because negative emotions can be at the root of physical illness, but it can also effect the health of an entire family or community.

In modern usage, it has been distilled down to four steps:  I’m sorry * Forgive me * Thank You * I Love You

Admitting I did something that hurt the other person, asking for their forgiveness, thanking them for their willingness and for all that I learned, and acknowledging the love that underlies it all.

Forgiveness has many layers – and as we open to the inner layer of petals we allow resistance to give way to opening and blossoming. . So as I let those outer petals wither and fall away in release, I look to the inner, tightly held bud and offer


·        I forgive you –  to the spirit or the memory of the person, for “you know not what you do”

·        I forgive myself, – “I did the best I could with what I knew at that time. Now that I know better, I’ll do better.”

·        I forgive God – because sometimes we’re mad at the Universe, at Fate, at an old concept of God that still is at work in our subconscious,

·        God forgives me – because even when we believe that God is an energy force that lives through us, as us, an energy that we direct with our minds and hearts and spirits, sometimes, we need to remind ourselves that God IS Love. And sometimes we have the easiest time feeling it when we know that all three faces of God, the innermost, intimate/companion and infinite God are all on our side, loving us, and really has no need to be asked for forgiveness since no offense was taken.

It’s a process, small daily choices, small healing steps, until one day you can think of the person or situation without anger or pain, and then maybe you don’t think of it at all.

That’s the “seventy-times-seven” that Jesus was talking about in the book of Matthew chapter18, verses 21-23.

I recently asked myself questions like :

·        What hurts about this?

·        What did I expect/want/desire from this person?

·        What is at the root of this?

And it came down to me being angry at myself, and withdrawing in fear of being hurt again.

Or feeling that my body was betraying me and fear that I wouldn’t be able to do the things I want to do, or be attractive to the person I want to love me.

And what I was looking for was really the affirmation of Divine Order, perfect timing, a greater power at work in the world working for my good. We see it at work in nature, if we look, first the seed, then the sprout, then the stalk, then the leaf, then the flower…and we are part of nature. That perfect spiral and perpetual unfolding

So my next question was, how can I live from there?  It was an Ah-Ha – I was looking outside of myself for my source, when it is already present, within me and all around me.

For body forgiveness, I remembered that Myrtle Fillmore did something very similar to the steps of Ho’o’ponopono when she embarked upon the healing process that is the foundation of Unity. She apologized to her body, and body parts, and even cells.

From “How I Found Health” on

I went to all the life centers in my body and spoke words of Truth to them—words of strength and power. I asked their forgiveness for the foolish, ignorant course that I had pursued in the past, when I had condemned them and called them weak, inefficient, and diseased. I did not become discouraged at their being slow to wake up, but kept right on, both silently and aloud, declaring words of Truth until the organs responded. And neither did I forget to tell them that they were free, unlimited Spirit. I told them that they were no longer in bondage to the carnal mind; that they were not corruptible flesh, but centers of life and energy omnipresent.

Then I asked the Father to forgive me for taking His life into my body and using it so wastefully. I promised Him that I would never, never again retard the free flow of that life through my mind and my body by any false word or thought; that I would always bless it and encourage it with true thoughts and words in its wise work of building up my body temple.

There’s a saying “Bloom where you’re planted” –Saint Francis de Sales, Bishop of Geneva (1567-1622)

So how can we do that, how can we Live Aloha right here, right now?

·        We can live as if we are exactly where we’ve chosen to be…

·        As if those around us are welcoming fellow adventurers, and potential lifelong friends…

·        We can appreciate the beauty all around us, as if seeing it for the first time…

·        We can take a moment to breathe and relax as if we had all the time in the world…

Are you feeling the breathing space?  The ahhhhhh…?

I found a great interpretation of the meaning of Aloha:

A – means to burn or sparkle;

Lo – is about transformation to create something,

oha – joy, or “ha” – life energy, breath  (Ha!)

If you put them all together you get “sparkling, creating, joyously manifesting life”

  • So remember to nourish and nurture your tender flower petal selves…
  • Remember that you can always make the choice to turn toward the sun, or the breeze, to listen, breathe or dance….
  • Remember that it’s okay to fall apart and let all your petals drop, because it’s about the whole plant, not just the bloom. And we will bloom again, and again, when the time is right.
  • And Remember that spiritually, we’re perpetually blooming!

“Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” Luke 12:27

So don’t make it hard,  let yourself gently bloom!

Aaaaaahhhhh…. Aloha!