Affirmations for Strength and Healing

Affirmations for Strength and Healing
~  I will to be well, strong and whole.
~  The will of God, the breath of life, fills and heals my lungs.
~  I choose only that which is for my highest good and the highest good of all.
~  I am free from discouragement and weariness.
~  I desire to open the door to new energy now.
~  I am determined to make this a great day in my life.
~  I live my life in accord with God’s Good.
~  I choose to be optimistic, pleasant and open-minded.
~  I take responsibility for my life.
~  I surrender my will to a Higher Power that directs my life.
~  I am inspired now to do the will of Spirit within me.
~  I look forward to seeing the good that shows up in my life.
~  I have follow-through as well as start-up power.
~  Sufficient unto each day, I receive all the energy and joy that I need.
~  I sleep deeply and soundly, and I awake restored and energized.
~  I release all things to God.
~  I release myself to experience greater life by freely forgiving myself and others.
~  I let go of tension, stress and strain. I relax and trust God.
~  I am alive! I will survive and thrive!
~  Thank you God, for my ever-expanding life of wholeness.

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