Fall Celebrations of Vibrant Life and Home Cooking

We are so blessed here at Unity of the Oaks!

Today during our Lessons in Truth S.E.E. class, Joan Folse brought us gifts of mini-pumpkin flower arrangements.

It seemed so perfect to place atop working files, in front of the beautiful piece of original artwork that Rev. Molly brought into being, and into the office, recently during another S.E.E. class.

Another gift, created from within and shared beautifully and lovingly with spiritual community.

This may be why, when David Mezzapelle came to speak at our Sunday Service, after Contagious Optimism Live, he said:

being with us is “like Home Cooking“.

Hearts are certainly aglow, here at Unity of the Oaks.

Read more about the piece of artwork in an article written by Rev. Molly entitled “Connecting Our Living Waters – Connecting Three Phases of Mind”