Gratitude Letter from Rev. Kristin Powell

Dear Unity of the Oaks,

It was such a pleasure to serve you on Sundays and Thursdays during Rev.  Molly’s absence.  What a welcoming, loving community you are.  Each Sunday, all the ministry team members showed up for their various roles and performed them with ease and grace.  Everything went off smoothly and that says a lot about who you are and what you can do as a community.

Thank you so very much for the special honoring on my last Sunday.  The hand woven prayer shawl is a beautiful and treasured gift and I do wrap myself up in your warm, soft love during my daily meditation time.

I believe this community is poised for bigness.  That Bigness could show up in greater numbers and, more importantly, in even more expansive levels of consciousness being known and expressed by every individual who is a part of this community.  Imagine if each one of you awakened at a fuller level to who you are as a Spiritual being and then shared that in all your circles by simply being your fabulous self? Wow! Look out Thousand Oaks…and far, far beyond these borders.

I will have the opportunity to be with you on Sundays throughout the year and look forward to our reconnection.  You are always welcome to join me in my spiritual adventures as well.  You may find those at and

Until next time…be well & play big!


Rev. Kristin Powell