Healing Service Readings

For our April 26th Healing Service, we had two special Daily Word readings.  Here they are for your use in your own healing meditations:

Read by Suemary Long

Wednesday, April 20, 1988
Created for Life

I rejoice! Complete healing is a reality in my life because I am created for life.
Jesus did not discriminate in the healings He performed. He did not say that some could be healed, but that others could not be healed. Jesus healed all who came to Him for healing. The healing power that Jesus evoked was the healing power of God, and this healing power is present today just as it was in the time of Jesus.
There is no condition that cannot be overcome. I hold to this conviction. I believe it. I affirm it. I know that the more I hold to the spiritual idea of health, the stronger I become in faith. The more I affirm the idea of health, the more quickly I am made a channel for the healing power of God, either for myself or for another.
The healing power of God in the midst of every person accomplishes the healing. I rejoice in the realization that everything in me and in those for whom I pray tends toward healing, because we are created for life.
It is the spirit that gives life.Jn. 6:63
Read by Marti Dane

Saturday, September 11, 1999

I Am Healed
My words of healing are a wake-up call to renewal for my whole body.
I speak powerful healing words that are the truth about me: Through God’s presence within me, I am healed! Then, remaining quiet and still for a few moments, I allow these words of healing to resonate throughout my body.
Words of healing and even thoughts of healing carry a message of God’s presence within to every cell of my being. They are a wake-up call to life and health and well-being for me.
I speak words of healing to my heart, my lungs, my joints, my whole body: Through God’s presence within me, I am healed! I live my life believing that I can be healed and expecting that I will be healed. I praise God for the healing that is constantly taking place.
“Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved; for you are my praise.” –Jeremiah 17:14
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