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Did you know that between 1840 and 1880, more than 400,000 people traveled on the Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri, to the Pacific Northwest in heavy wagons. These thousands of heavy wagons, filled with families and all they owned in the world, wore deep ruts into the ground, so deep that they still exist today! Scroll down or click to see a video that shows the trails from the air:

Deep ruts, forged by our ancestros, trailblazers that have gone before us…like often used memory pathways in the brain, reinforced, deepened, repeated over and over by our habitual thoughts and behaviors.  Thoughts “wire” themselves together and become stronger, so rather than getting stuck in deepening ruts, we can create highways within of joy and positivity!

Here’s the handout Rev. Molly included in the bulletin:

Denials and Affirmations

Unity of the Oaks – October 9, 2016

“Denial is the ability to let go and release old, outworn, negative thoughts, feelings, attitudes or incorrect beliefs; it is also the ability to refuse or to reject.  Denial is the great “no, no” power of the mind.

Affirmation is the ability to claim, accept and realize the newer, truer, higher, more correct thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs.  It is the great “yes, yes” power of the mind.”  Heart-Centered Metaphysics, page 214


Denial – This condition cannot disturb my peace, joy, harmony and well-being.

Affirmation – God’s healing life flows through me now, and all appearance of illness is dissolved.  I am filled with energy, health, strength and vitality.  The cells in my body are regenerated through the Divine presence within me.  I am alive!  I am well.


Denial – Nothing can keep me from success.

Affirmation – I am a child of God and was born to succeed.  Everything needed for my success is being provided for me.  I have the energy, knowledge, wisdom, persistence and resources to succeed in all my endeavors.


Denial – Nothing can keep the flow of universal substance from me.

Affirmation – God is my supply. Everything I need is provided when I need it.   I am open and receptive to my good.  God is blessing me now and the floodgates of all good are flowing to and through me.  I freely give and I freely receive.

Peace of Mind

Denial – Nothing can disturb the well of peace that rests at the core of my being.

Affirmation – Divine love now dissolves and dissipates all anxious, confused, or fearful thoughts. I am peaceful in mind and heart.

By Richard Hanson, PhD
Pages 76-77

  • Consciously look for and take in positive experiences.  There are three simple steps: turn positive facts into positive experiences, savor these experiences, and sense them sinking in.
  • Become aware of the deep roots of recurring upsets; the tips of these roots are typically lodged in childhood experiences; different upsets may have different roots.  Deliberately direct positive experiences toward these roots in order to pull them out completely and stop them from growing back.
  • Every time you take in the good, you build a little bit of neural structure.  Doing this a few times a day – for months and even years – will gradually change your brain, and how you feel and act, in far-reaching ways.
  • It’s good to take in the good.  It builds up positive emotions, with many benefits for your physical and mental health.  It’s a great resource for children, especially spirited or anxious ones. And it aids spiritual practice by supporting motivation, conviction, and wholeheartedness.

Taking in the good is not about putting a happy shiny face on everything, nor is it about turning away from the hard things in life.

Don’t follow old ruts, be a trailblazer in your own life!  Seek new, higher ground!  Think new. Think big. Think bold. Think!