Heart-Centered Metaphysics – Prayer

On Sunday, September 18th, Rev. Molly’s talk was EPIC, but didn’t get recorded, so here are some notes from her trusty assistant, so you can pretend you were there.

She talked about Four Stages of Spiritual Evolution and gave examples from a recent news story.

“When one pregnant mom’s toddler started crying on a flight from Minneapolis to Georgia, one kind passenger came to her aid.
He offered to take her son so she could have a break.  The man, who is a father himself, then walked up and down the aisle with the boy for the majority of the flight.
The helpful act was appreciated by the mother as well as other passengers on the plane.”

So in light of Four Stages of Spiritual Evolution, if you found yourself on that plane, you might:

Feel like a victim in the situation, held hostage by a crying baby, with no control and no escape. You experience life as happening TO you.

Decide the only thing you can control are your thoughts and your environment, so you put on your headphones, turn the music up and try not to let it bother you.  You experience life as happening AROUND you.

Pray for the baby to feel comforted, for the mom to be supported, for the passengers to be patient. You experience life as a channel for spirit to flow THROUGH you.

Or you step up, be the change you wish to see in the situation and comfor the baby yourself.  You are experiencing life and Spirit AS you. You are the One.

We may find ourselves moving through the various stages, back and forth, but we know our goal!

See video of the man comforting the baby by following this link.