Notes on Rev. Mary Omwake’s “Breath of Spirit”

Breath of Spirit

Rev. Mary Omwake – Nov 2, 2014

  • Every word in Hawaiian ends with a vowel – you have to breathe deeply, smile, puts you in a meditative state.
  • All Hawaiian words are connected to spirit, to something alive.
  • Aloha =
    • Ah – from the very beginning, from the first light
    • Lo – not just for a long time, but for all eternity, forever
    • Ha – sacred breath
    • From the very beginning, from the first light, and for all eternity, we share the sacred breath of God….
  • So, of course, I love you! (Translation:  I’m really happy with you.)
  • Hawaain is similar to Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke.
    • His word for God was not Father, but probably Allahah – The great AH, presence (awe?) that permeates all creation.
    • Another word he probably used was Abun D’Bashmayo = the great cosmic birthing presence that permeates all creation, the great one light, the great one love.
    • Early followers of Jesus = Followers of The Way  (Jesus wasn’t a Christian!)
    • There were men and women who were Followers of The Way. “When the two become one”… when your masculine and feminine aspects are in balance, in harmony, you have a direct link to the divine, just like Jesus had.
  • Hawaii – Ha – sacred breath, Wa -sacred water and ii – spirit
  • Lokahi = Unity, Oneness –
    • We’re called Unity because he lost the lawsuit to call us Christian Scientists. For a while he thought of calling us “Change”.
  • Pono – Hoʻoponopono– Stay in the center, radical forgiveness and harmony.

Closing:  Story about our stained glass window by artist Bryan Lewis, purchased by Gary Boxberger for our community.  (Click the link to follow Bryan’s work on his Facebook page at The Bryan Lewis Studio )

“It will be in your new building, which will be here faster than you can even imagine, so get ready. Holy Spirit’s already ordained your new building, the money is coming.You’re a part of one of the great things which is to build a great community of faith.”