Palm Sunday – Rev. Molly’s Treasure, Shared!

Rev. Molly found and shared a reading from a 1979  The Daily Word.  If you didn’t receive your copy after the service, you can print or save it here!

Listen my child, I have given you life.

I have given it with no strings attached.

You can do with it as you wish.

You can fling it away, you can squander it, you can misuse it, you can entertain the notion that it is not worth living.

But note: Does not everyone cling to life with the utmost tenacity?

Why not reevaluate life?

It is my most precious gift.

Know this:  the richness of life, the abundance of life, the goodness of life can never be exhausted.

You can close your heart and mind to life, but life never closes its doors to you.

Resolve to begin living in the conscious expectation of great things.

Any moment, any single one, may be a turning point in your whole life.

In countless ways and places life opens its doors to you.

Your part is to enter in.