Release and Renewal Ceremony Denials and Affirmations

Unity of the Oaks 2013 Releasing / 2014 Renewal Ceremony

Denials and Affirmations by Rev. Paulette Pipe

Releasing process denials:

· I choose to let go of the backlog of all financial obligations and all accounts receivable.

· I am now released from all types of stress, and all states of disharmony in my relations, affairs, finances and choices.

· I choose to let go of self-pity, doubt, hurts, and mistakes of the past; and the results of all hurts and mistakes of the past.

· Through the Universal Law of transmutation, every error thought, idea, belief or image imprinted in my consciousness is not transformed into its divine spiritual equivalent.

Creative process affirmations:

· One with God, I am undaunted in my faith, victorious in my life and successful in all of my undertakings.

· As I develop a consciousness equivalent to my desire, I increase my capacity to receive.

· My demonstrations unfold swiftly, easily and in divinely ordered ways; accelerated into manifestation by the quickening power of Spirit.