SEE Class - Lessons in Truth

Lessons in Truth (MS802)

Instructor: Rev. Molly Rockey

Sept. 25 - October 23

10:00 am

The course is a study of metaphysical Truth principles, the fundamental and ultimate reality of anything. It is based on the book "Lessons in Truth" by Dr. Emilie Cady.

Each chapter of the book initially appeared in "Unity Magazine" as a compilation of Truth articles. The author affirms that in order for us to have a real understanding of our spiritual nature, an inner revelation of the divine Beingness we are needs to occur.

Dr. Cady says that once we understand our divinity, we will inevitably follow the path for our spiritual fulfillment.

For more than 100 years, Dr. Cady’s teachings have been the first step for many Unity students on their individual path to claiming their True Self. Whether you are a longtime Truth student or you are new to Unity metaphysics, you are invited to a journey of self-discovery full of rich rewards.

Required Text: Lessons In Truth, Unity Classic Library edition, by H. Emilie Cady, Unity Books


Love offering per class $10.  Fee for Credit with Unity Institute: $45 at end of course.