Spring Has Sprung – Notes

You can listen to Charles Holt’s talk, “Spring Has Sprung – Are You Listening?” by clicking the title here, but be sure to also listen to the small clip entitled, “Molly’s Big Idea“, where Rev. Molly explains inspiration she received after hearing Charles’ talk.

Here’s a transcription of Rev. Molly’s portion, but we encourage you to listen to the tone of her voice to feel how moved she was!

Rev. Molly:

One thing you said was a new thought for me, and you blessed me with it.

You started out with ‘Everything is coming up,and everything is at eye level’.  And so first I thought this eye level, but no, it’s the Big “I” level.

Everything is coming up in the Big I Am Level.

What are we identifying, claiming?

It’s big.

So if we leave today with that thought, that’s a life-changer.

I’m living at “I”-level.  What’s my “I” about?

We’re going to remember that one.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of the I AM, click the link here or above to be taken to the entry in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, but basically, the “Big I” or “Big I Am” that Rev. Molly mentions is our Higher Self, our God-Self.

“I can call forth anything that I want to be, as long as I’m willing to be it.”  – Charles Holt